Agricultural Marketing Market Committee - Recruitment Of 07 Posts In Surat


Agricultural Marketing Market Committee - Recruitment of 07 posts in Surat
Farming Produce Market Committee - Fixes the fixation of the following places by Surat and from contract base
Offline applications are being invited for recruitment
Total Spaces: 07
(01) Assistant Secretary = 01 Space
Qualification: BSc (Agri)
(02) Office Superintendent = 01 space
Qualification: MBA With H.R.
(03) Inspector = 01 space
Qualification: Need to know the information of the BICOM computer
(04) Clarke cum Inspector = 01 space
Qualification: Need to know the information of the BICOM computer
(05) Food Processing Plant operator / Maintenance = 01 space
Qualification: ITI in the relevant trade
(06) Biogas Plant Supervisor = 01 space
Qualification: ITI Or in Diplo
(07) Striped = 01 space
Qualification: Standard 10 pass
Time to send the application: By 31/12/2015, an application will be sent in the address shown in the official ad, as the application arrives.

Viewing an official ad for educational qualification, pay scale, terms as well as other detailed information
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